Orphanages designed, built and managed according to scientific QUALITY STANDARDS (QS) & BASIC STANDARDS (BS) fulfilling the physical, psychological and behavioral needs of orphaned girls and boys, and enabling the staff and managers of an orphanage to manage their available resources in the most efficient way. It is not necessary for such orphanages to be luxurious or expensive; rather, they would be simple, functional, efficient, cost-effective, practical, healthy, beautiful and cheerful.


Orphans’ Friends Association (OFA) works in close cooperation with all individuals and organizations who are concerned with children and youth protection in general, orphans in particular, in order to develop orphanages and improve their environment. For this purpose, OFA found it essential to develop practical standards for the day to day operations of orphanages and care institutions at all aspects. Realizing that such a guide never existed; OFA launched and completed one of its main projects, the manual “QUALITY STANDARDS FOR ORPHANAGES AND CARE INSTITUTIONS IN EGYPT” (QS). Furthermore OFA is working on the establishment of BASIC STANDARDS (BS) for the structure, space planning, functional design, interiors and facilities of an orphanage. These BASIC STANDARDS would enable the staff to do their work at the best, and would also provide their residents with good conditions to help their physical, mental and psychological health. That would hopefully relief the orphans’ pain, develop their knowledge, capacities and skills, and prepare them for the normal integration into society as creative and active citizens.

The KARIM EL HUSSEINI AWARDS (KEH A) are annual awards, honoring the outstanding achievements for all concerned with orphans’ care in Egypt. On the 9th of November 2013, OFA launched the first annual award recognizing the academic distinction of the orphan students and the service excellence extended by caregivers from orphanages in the Greater Cairo Governorates.

Future awards will be offered for the best orphanages and care institutions, for training & application for Quality Standards, to members of the media interested in raising public awareness about orphan-related issues, etc… Researchers and students will also be encouraged – through the KARIM EL HUSSEINI RESEARCH GRANTS (KEH RG) – to conduct research on the same issues.

In this regard, OFA relies on the diverse and valuable expertise of its members and friends, and the support given by many other individuals and organizations. In addition, OFA is inspired in its work by many insights, thoughts and experiences from all over the world.