Those we love are never really lost to us; we feel them in so many special ways through friends they always care about and dreams they left behind, in beauty that they added to our days, in words of wisdom we still carry with us and in memories that never will be gone. Those we love are never really lost to us for everywhere their special love lives on.




Karim El Husseini is my brother

Karim El Husseini is my brother, best friend, colleague, neighbor and partner. He is the most decent, friendly and self motivated person I met in my life regardless the huge challenges he faced in his life.
Karim’s main objectives in life were helping poor people and making his family and friends happy through his kindness and sense of humor. May God bless him and rest him in peace and may God help us achieve Karim’s dream by making a real impact for poor people’s lives.
Marwan Kenawy

Some people come and go while others come to stay in our hearts.

Some people come and go while others come to stay in our hearts. Although I knew Karim (RIP) for a very short time, I could see clearly a unique personality with three features that rarley exist in one person: beautiful mind, heart and soul. Karim (RIP) was truly one of my most intelligent and unique students. Being so special to his family and friends, made his hopes in being the change he wanted to see in the world sustained and come true through this special Orphans Charity. May Allah bless his soul and allow his initiatives to succeed.
Dr. Inas Ezz
Karim’s MIS instructor in Year 3 Sadat Academy’s UNB Program.

Karim was an idealist person

Karim was an idealist person, enjoying a high sense of humanism, and full of empathy and altruism. He was a self-motivated brilliant student, eager to learn and apt to cope with the most sophisticated concepts. His perfect soul and beautiful mind made him the most beloved fellow of his cohort. I will always remember Karim as my best student.
Dr. Alaa Awad
Ex-Lecturer at the Canadian Program of Sadat Academy