Those we love are never really lost to us; we feel them in so many special ways through friends they always care about and dreams they left behind, in beauty that they added to our days, in words of wisdom we still carry with us and in memories that never will be gone. Those we love are never really lost to us for everywhere their special love lives on.





Karim was the only child of his German mother and Egyptian father. At the age of 5 years, he was diagnosed with an incurable heart disease. In spite of this, Karim started going to school at the Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule (DEO) in Cairo and completed the Abitur in 2000. After graduating from high school and enduring a long hospital stay, he began his dream to study Business Administration at the American University in Cairo (AUC) in 2001. Due to health reasons, he had to transfer later on to the nearby Sadat Academy, Canadian Section. The year he passed away, he was the best student of the semester.

Karim’s Personality
Before his parents became aware of his disease, Karim somehow felt he was ill but was always very considerate to place those around him as his first priority. As a child, before walking up a set of stairs he would ask his mother if she was well and when she answered yes, he would then politely ask if she could carry him up the stairs. He had an optimistic attitude towards life since he was a child, always caring for others, helping them and bringing joy and happiness to their lives without ever thinking about how serious his illness was. He never complained about his disease or ever made himself a load to carry for his parents or anyone else. On the contrary, he was extremely brave and a great role model for both children and adults.

Karim’s Activities
During school and university, Karim participated in many charity activities caring for orphans and people in need. The year he passed away, he had developed a proposal for establishing a foundation to help orphans, however, he would not live to see his proposal come to life. His family, school friends, university and the academy then came together and founded the association to continue his dream and to honor and remember him.

Karim’s Life Principle
One of Karim's life principles that he had written on his bedroom wall was: "If you give a man a fish, you will feed him for a day; if you teach him how to fish, you will feed him for a lifetime."

Under this principle, the association will always work to help improve upon the lives of orphans from infants to adults. We will teach them how to become independent people through education and building good values that allow them to participate actively and positively in society.