Based on the feedback of orphanage societies and all related parties in 2012, Orphans’ Friends Association found it essential to develop practical standards for the day to day operations of orphanages and care institutions at all aspects. Realizing that such a guide never existed, OFA launched one of its main projects: “Quality Standards for Orphanages and care institutions in Egypt”. After a series of workshops and thorough research that incorporated various bodies working in the field including The Ministry of Social Solidarity, other NGOs, Orphanages’ managers, and under the guidance of a well know German social scientist, OFA has designed a complete manual indicating quality standards that orphanages could be guided by in order to develop and enrich the daily life of orphaned children and their whole life on the long term.

These Quality standards were unified in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, Orphans’ Friends Association and Wataneya. Those 42 Quality Standards, grouped in six sections, covering all aspects of the life in an orphanage, starting from:

  • Environment, Infrastructure and Preparations
  • Administration and Documentation
  • Child Protection and Advocacy
  • Integrated Care
  • Professional Praxis
  • Employee Sufficiency and Efficiency

Recently the project has been approved by the Ministry for Social Solidarity; therefore, OFA seeks a sufficient fund for applying them in reality through certified workshops and training programs that would be then given to staff members of orphanages from all levels and specialties, in addition orphan care and social work institutions and governmental entities. These workshops are designed by an integrated team of professionals; every Workshop is handled independently by a specialist then adjusted according to the field of orphan care and the whole program of the Quality Standards Workshops.

For applying the QS into praxis, they were grouped according:

  • Structural Quality
  • Process Quality
  • Impact Quality
  • Corporate Philosophy & Culture


The BASIC STANDARDS (BS) for architecture and interior design for orphanages and care institutions are guidelines for owners, planners, managers of orphanages and care institutions run by the government and NGOs. They also direct architects and interior designers through their plan to develop and construct new orphanages or to upgrade the already existing ones. The intent of these BS is to convey the philosophy and functional requirements of an orphanage/care institution. They provide all the technical information supported by drawings, specifications and explanations for all areas of an orphanage from the entrance, service, accommodation and recreational spaces up to the parking area. BS is a comprehensive manual covering all the human needs of boys and girls of different age groups and provides them with facilities to grow up with dignity in an organized, educational, healthy, meaningful, happy and safe environment.

OFA’s goals for BS:

  • To work with NGOs and GOs concerned with orphan care in order to develop BS that should be fulfilled at the design, construction, furnishing and operation of orphan care institutions. These BS would be appropriate to the orphans age group and gender, and offer them healthy and decent physical, psychological and social conditions.
  • To spread the concept of BS among NGOs and GOs concerned with orphan care to be adopted by the widest range of concerned sectors in the society.
  • To offer technical assistance on BS to orphanages and care institutions through training and consultation for new once.
  • To provide orphanages and care institutions with the suitable applicable models to upgrade and improve the already existing facilities according to the capacities and available resources.
  • To work in close cooperation with concerned bodies (NGOs & GOs) for developing mechanisms that guarantees the institutionalization of these BS as well as their continuity and integration though methods of inspection, assessment and evaluation.


The KARIM EL HUSSEINI AWARDS will be annual events to honor both excellent academic results and accomplishments of orphan students (girls and boys) and outstanding achievements of stakeholders who are concerned with orphans’ care in Egypt.

The KARIM EL HUSSEINI AWARDS strive to raise public awareness of the rights and human dignity of orphans because every life matters and is precious. The awards also endeavor to motivate the general public to get more involved in helping orphans. We envision a future where every orphan lives in emotional, physical and spiritual wholeness thereby ending the cycle of neglect in our society.

OFA presents annual awards for:

  • Best academic achievements of orphan students (girls and boys) at the different levels of education
  • Best care giver for service excellence
  • Best orphanage/care institution for training & application of quality standards
  • Best media contribution

Application for Awards


The nominated orphan students (girls and boys) for the KEH A SCH will receive a certificate, which will support their education in a dual system, technical secondary school from all aspects until they receive a certificate and job employment, sponsored by the Forum of Training and Education (FORTE), under the umbrella of the German Arabic Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Application for Scholarship


This grant is for graduate students and researchers in the field of orphan care at universities and research centers, departments of social work, sociology, psychology, social service, architecture, interior design, media, etc….. The results of those researches will enrich the knowledge and understanding of parentless and orphan children needs and will support and improve the STANDARDS/GUIDELINES/TRAINING WORKSHOPS and PROJECTS, ORPHANS’ FRIENDS ASSOCIATION is developing and applying for the improved quality for orphans’ care in Egypt and elsewhere.