Karim El-Husseini Awards 2015 Ceremony

“The Spring of Autumn”

Two years back, Orphans Friends’ Association (OFA) gave its first celebration for Karim El Husseini Awards winners. This year, though, OFA wasn’t just celebrating its winners, but also the fact that dedication and knowledge are standing up against every challenge creating new paths, and that they are coloring the sky of unique children with honor, experience and – always – balloons.

On the 7th of November, 2015, Orphans' Friends Association (OFA) celebrated 'Karim El Husseini Awards' 2015, in Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort. Amid a group of remarkable figures in the field of Orphan Care and Tourism, 6 children and 3 care givers were awarded and honored for their excellence and achievements.

Karmi El-Husseini Awards (KEH A) is an annual program organized for rewarding orphans who successfully finished primary, preparatory and secondary school levels, in addition to honoring distinctive care givers who help, support and improve the lives of orphans. This award is considered to be one step toward achieving a higher objective, which is encouraging orphaned boys and girls to excel in their education, besides, it motivates care givers to adopt a positive professional attitude and follow advanced methods and behavior in social care.

On its third year, OFA paints another colorful scene for a hopeful future. It awarded two children from the primary level: Nora Adel Ibrahim and Waheed Sameer Elsaid; two children from the preparatory level: Yomna Said Aly Saleh and Abdullah Aly Seddiq; and two from the secondary level: Zenab Sallam Aboul Elaa and Mohamed Said Abdel Hameed. In addition, three care givers were honored for their exceptional work. In the first place, ranked Mr. Ashraf Nady, from Masged Elhassan Association, Beni-Suif; in the second place, Ms. Eman Elsaid, from SOS Children’s' Village in Tanta, and finally, in the third place, Mr. Malak Attaallah, from Dar Elshaheed Elameer Tadros, Cairo.

On such an occasion, celebrating bright minds, all winners were handed their awards by special guests who’ve been always supporting the cause; including The Constitutional Jurist Dr. Yehia El Gamal; General Ahmed Hamdi, Vice Chairman of Egyptian Tourism Authority (ETA); Dr. Mosaad Radwan, Assistant Minister for Care & Strategic Affairs, from Ministry of Social Solidarity (MOSS); Mr. Peter Weickenmeier, Representative of Theresien Kinder- und Jugendhilfezentrum (TKJHZ); Mr. Ahmed Salama, General Manager of Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort; Mr. Yousef Abdel Baset, Head of Central Administration for Social Care (MOSS); Mr. Hosny Yousef Soliman, Regional Director of FACE Egypt, artist Mr. Ismail Yousri, famous singer Mrs. Aida Ayouby and Mrs. Jutta El Husseini, Chairperson of Orphans’Friends Association.

Throughout the ceremony, OFA representatives spoke about their inspiration, their journey, and their mission to create a better environment for Orphan Care in Egypt through integrating a variety of programs and activities. Moreover, Karim El Husseini Awards Committee explained more about their selection process, the objectives of the award and their expectations for the coming years. The awards included a monetary prize and Karim El Husseini Awards Trophy; furthermore, the student winners will be a part of the Youth Exchange Program between Germany and Egypt, a program organized by OFA and TKJHZ, which was previously applied last June 2015. The Egyptian Tourism Authority (ETA) is the main sponsor for the Egyptian-German Youth Exchange between Orphanages. The KEH A 2015 student winners will travel in summer 2016 to Germany.

It's worth mentioning that this year; the level of participation was higher than the previous years, with 61 students and 42 care givers from 11 governorates. Meanwhile, OFA representatives assured how important it is for people to get encouraged and apply for Karim El Husseini Scholarship for Vocational Education and Training, Karim El Husseini Media Award and Karim El Husseini Award for Best Orphanage for Quality Standards Training & Application, which were not yet awarded to anyone through the previous years.

Aiming to build the Karim El Husseini Alumni, all student winners of the previous years were invited as guests of honor, in addition to important figures from the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the Ministry of Tourism. Artist Ismail Yousri hosted on stage last year's winners who also participated in the Youth Exchange Program to reflect on the experience, which had clearly enriched their personalities. The ceremony included an entertainment program featuring the ‘Green Salat Show’ by girls from El Damir El Hai Association and the Egyptian singer Aida El Ayouby, one of the figures supporting the ceremony regularly since it started in 2013. Karim El-Husseini Awards Ceremony has become the Spring day of every Autumn, a chance gathering individuals passionate for a purpose that had been ignored for years. But it won’t stop there, it will always be a time where ideas are renewed and bonds are made, between countries, entities and people.


“The Adventure of Friendship”

Upon listening the word adventure, one would instantly imagine a picture of people climbing mountains, getting on planes, or jumping off them, and doing dangerous things. However, here, Orphans’ Friends Association (OFA) has highlighted a type of adventure that we might hardly notice: Friendship.

On Friday, the 5th of June, 2015, a group of six Egyptian children and two care-givers started a journey that then turned into an adventure. It was a part of the Egyptian-German Youth Exchange Between Orphanages organized by OFA. They flew to Germany while most of them didn’t even know each other. It was their first time to do many things; starting from getting on airplanes, to making strawberry jam and listening to classical music. After their arrival to Cairo, they all wrote about their experience, and recalled their journey around OFA’s meeting table.

“At the very beginning, when we reached Frankfurt Airport, I was worried, afraid and I felt lonely. Once we were welcomed by the team from Theresien Kinder - und Jugendhilfezentrum (TKJHZ), I felt safe and comfortable” Said Shahd Sherif (13 years), “It was the first time for me to be away from home.”

Being introduced to a new emotion; which is being away from home, these children taught themselves a very important skill: adaptation, which — according to their supervisors — they did wonderfully. In a very short time, they were all able to overcome any nervousness and get prepared for the fun. The highlights of the journey included: visiting several schools and institutes like the “Yellow House” in Offenbach; learning about the manufacturing on airplanes in Frankfurt Airport; The Rhein River cruise, visiting Mainz and its Dom, Odenwald, St. Joseph’s house of music, and the “learning farm” of Oberfeld.

“On the second day, we visited the Odenwald Forest with our host team. We saw fascinating landscapes and innocent nature, the high trees created an air of magic and some kind of beautiful sadness. Then, we met a witch, who told us fairytales and stories related to the forest’s history.” Said Nermine Youssef (16 years). Apparently, the whole trip had this air of magic, as Hassan Hosni (15 years) says “Germany is a country out of a fairytale, the visit was better than I had expected.”

Going back to first-time incidents and the accomplishment of learning a new skill, one of Shahd’s favorite moments was when she went to the farm, picked the strawberries and helped making jam. “I was extremely happy and proud to eat something I made with my own hands. I even took some with me to take home.” She said.

Hazem Fawzy (13 years) summarizes his experiences into worthwhile moments and simple keywords “I learnt so much from the witch’s story about the dwarfs. I fed the animals. I liked how they put signs explaining how to deal with every animal in the zoo. I loved climbing the trees. I knew the songs of different birds and insects. In the Ronneburg tower, we climbed 142 steps. I loved playing the Organ and the Opera was the most wonderful thing.”

Despite their different ages, interests and backgrounds, all the children agreed that some specific incidents where the best throughout the journey. They agreed that one of their most soulful experiences was attending the opening of “The Roses Serenade” on the 7th day, Abd El-Rahman Elmasry (17 years) said, “I had never listened to classical music before, it was so relaxing, and I got to know different types and names of roses.” Their visit to the church in Mainz was a great opportunity for them to know more about Christianity, and how people accept and respect each others’ beliefs.

Moreover, while being interviewed, all the participants shared one point of view regarding the advantages of the German community; it was “The people.” Said Nermine, “They are friendly, polite, they are not racists, and they cherish their language.” Voluntarily, they reached the conclusion that true progress starts with the people. “We have to start with ourselves. I wouldn’t mind going out on the streets to clean them by myself.” Said Wahid Nabil (16 years)

On the other hand, the opinion of Mr. Hany Ahmed, a care-giver from Dar El Hassan, was that the participants from his association have showed great development on the personal and general aspect. “They are now more positive, more patient and confident. After this life changing experience, they appear to be self-motivated. They pay more attention to important details such as being on time and cleaning their surroundings.” As a care-giver, Mr. Ahmed pointed out how beneficial it was to witness German care institutions in action; he said “I was impressed how every school and every institution had created its own system and curriculum. In every school, there are different teaching methods and innovative approaches.”

When they were asked “What were the most beautiful times throughout the whole trip?” they all repeated “It’s the time we came together at the end of the day to have dinner and talk about what happened through the day.” Apart from all the exciting things they had done, their favorite times where when they started developing a friendship; with each other, with the host team and with their supervisors. They stopped being a group and started becoming a team.

It’s worth mentioning that this team spirit is the fruit of combined efforts. From Egypt, the dedication of the Ministry of Social Solidarity (MOSS), the financial support from the Egyptian Tourism Authority (ETA), the planning and organization from Orphans’ Friends Association (OFA) and from Germany the host team of Theresien Kinder - und Jugendhilfezentrum (TKJHZ), which prepared an exciting 10 days educational, cultural and recreational program for the youth, caregivers and all participants to exchange experience between nations. Without all of them, this exchange wouldn’t have been possible and so successful. Thanks to OFA and TKJHZ who emphasized on friendship as one of its main goals and concepts, it planned for an exchange program for students to learn and enjoy, but the results were beyond that. The outcome was mature youths who promise keep to develop their own communities and themselves.

Inspired by these young participants, we hope that such collaboration remains to create friendship between individuals, foundations and cultures, to create more success stories and adventures for our children.

Cairo, September 2015


“Quality Standard Training for Ministry of Social Solidarity (MOSS) social workers”

OFA participated in training the 1st & 2nd group of 120 MOSS social workers on Quality Standards to carry out the primary evaluation of all orphanages and child care institutions in Egypt on 17-18TH & 19-20TH August 2014. It also participated in training the 3rd & 4th group of 120 MOSS social workers on 4-6TH & 11-13TH January 2015.

During an official ceremony at the Ministry on 16th of March 2015, her Excellency, the Minister of Social Solidarity Dr. Ghada Wali thanked and awarded members of the assessment team as well as Orphans' Friends Association for their activities, and for supporting the assessment of all orphanages in Egypt.

“Quality Standards for Youth Clubs in Egypt”

OFA member Prof. Dr. Monir El Husseini facilitated all Workshops for developing QSs for Youth Clubs; shared also by Mr. Georg Horcher in March 2015 at the Ministry of Social Solidarity (MOSS), Cairo, Egypt.


“Orphans’ Friends Association (OFA) Celebrates the Winners of Karim El Husseini annual Awards, November 1st, 2014 “

Karim El Husseini Awards’ program aims to motivate the children residing in orphanages and care institutions to excel in their school studies and recognizing their achievements in obtaining the Primary, Preparatory and Secondary School final certificates by awarding them prizes and financial awards.

Another aim of the awards’ program for Best Caregiver is to encourage competition among caregivers, alternative mothers, social workers and other workers and employees to improve their professional performance as well as the service they provide to the resident children in orphanages and care institutions.

The ceremony was held at Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort in 6th of October City, the hotel hosted the winners and the invitees. Representatives from the Ministry of Social Solidarity, the Egyptian Tourism Authority, many workers and stake holders of orphanages and NGOs from the governorates Cairo, Giza, Gharbia, Qualiobia and Menofia attended the ceremony. Dr. Yehia El Gamal , former Deputy Prime Minister, was on top of invitees list. Among the attendees were young German boys and a girl residing in “Theresien Kinder- und Jugendhilfezentrum” (TKJHZ) at Offenbach City in Germany.

They visited Egypt within the frame of an Egyptian-German cultural exchange protocol between OFA and TKJHZ. The ceremony was beautifully entertained by the singer Aida El Ayoubi and her Band associated with the Tanoura Dancers. Also, young Egyptian and German youth presented musical performances on the stage. You are invited to watch this ceremony on our you tube channel.


“Today’s Children are Tomorrow’s Parents”

8 young German boys and a girl accompanied with 2 German supervisor residing in “Theresien Kinder- und Jugendhilfezentrum” (TKJHZ) at Offenbach City in Germany visited Egypt from 24th of October – 3rd of November 2014 within the frame of an Egyptian-German cultural exchange protocol between OFA and TKJHZ. Program of the visit was organized by Orphans’ Friends Association (OFA) in collaboration with Dar El Hassan Association for Orphans’ Care, partner of OFA and host of the German Delegation, under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity.

Both, the German and Egyptian boys and girls enjoyed the exiting, educational and intercultural days and visits together as new life experience in Egypt.

The great cultural and financial support of the Egyptian Tourism Authority was making this first youth exchange possible. Please go to OFA’s face book and you tube channel, to watch the journey of the wonderful 10 days of Egyptian-German youth exchange of sightseeing, German School visit (PDSK), biggest carpet manufacturer worldwide, Oriental Weavers and much more.

KEH A 2014 student winners and Dar El Hassan youth are invited to visit the TKJHZ, our German partner in Offenbach, during summer 2015.


Orphans' Friends Association participated in "Maadi Philanthropy Festival" -with many other active NGO's from Maadi- which was held under the supervision of Maadi Administration - Ministry of Social Solidarity.
On: 27. June 2014
At: Road 250 in front of Maadi Grand Mall


Based on the feedback of orphanage societies and all related parties in 2012, Orphans’ Friends Association found it essential to develop practical standards for the day to day operations of orphanages and care institutions at all aspects. Realizing that such a guide never existed, OFA launched one of its main projects: “Quality Standards for Orphanages and care institutions in Egypt”. After a series of workshops and thorough research that incorporated various bodies working in the field including the Ministry of Social Solidarity, other NGOs, Orphanages’ managers, and under the guidance of a well know German social scientist, OFA has designed a complete manual indicating quality standards that orphanages could be guided by in order to develop and enrich the daily life of orphaned children and their whole life on the long term. The project has been finalized and these Quality standards were unified in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, Orphans’ Friends Association and Wataneya , which include 42 Quality Standards, grouped in six sections, covering all aspects of the life in an orphanage, starting from the physical infrastructure up to deal with children living there. Recently, the manual of QS has been approved by the Ministry of Social Solidarity according to the new Charta & QS issued by law # 188 at 09.06.2014.


‘Announcing for the second round’
For the second year, Orphans’ Friends Association (OFA) in cooperation with Ministry of Social Solidarity, Egyptian Tourism Authority, group of companies and a bank, organizes the Karim El Husseini Awards Competition for best academic achievement of orphan students (boys & girls) residing in care institutions, in addition to best caregivers in orphanages.

This year, OFA started in cooperation with the Forum of Training and Education (FORTE) the announcement of scholarships in Dual Technical Education System for boys and girls residing in orphanages, who have finished preparatory school and wish to join the Technical Secondary Education with its different domains.

Thus, OFA organized a one day workshop on Monday 2nd of June 2014 at Cairo Ramses Hilton. OFA invited the NGOs and institutions caring of orphans in Cairo, Giza, Dakahlia, Menofia and Gharbia Governorates to introduce them to the conditions and criteria of the competition and the way to apply for each award and also the type of Prizes. The award ceremony is scheduled to take place on November 1st, 2014 at Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort, 6th October City and will be attended by representatives of different governmental Ministries, NGO’s, heads of business communities, public figures, celebrities, members and students from participating orphanages.


“A Dream…Half-way Through Reality”
A very famous Quote said by Walt Disney is: “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality”. In the beginnings of 2013, a dream was created; designing A Quality Standards Manual for Orphanages in Egypt. Now we can say that this dream is half way through becoming a reality.

Recently the manual of “QUALITY STANDARDS FOR ORPHANAGES AND CARE INSTITUTIONS IN EGYP” has been approved by the Ministry of Social Solidarity; therefore, OFA seeks a sufficient fund for applying them in reality through certified workshops and training programs that would be then given to staff members of orphanages (from all levels and specialties), in addition to orphan care and social work institutions and governmental entities. These workshops are designed by an integrated team of professionals; every workshop is handled independently by a specialist then adjusted according to the field of orphan care and the whole program of the Quality Standards Workshops.

Going back to Disney’s quotes, creating the dream is not enough, so the next step has to be the real-life implementation of those Quality Standards on to Egyptian orphanages, to improve the education and qualifications of the entire management and staff, to improve the living and working conditions of all resident people and most important as end result, to provide the children a structured, healthy, organized and cheerful home. Here lies the positivity and the real change. We need to work eagerly and creatively, not just to apply those standards, but to believe in creating a culture that would improve the quality of our children’s lives, so that they would grow up in a safe happy environment and to be able to lead their future life independently as active members in the society.


‘Letting Balloons Fly’
On the 9th of November 2013, the vast green fields of Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort witnessed a colorful moment of gratitude and happiness, a celebration that overcame the autumn clouds and made the sun shine, KARIM EL HUSSEINI AWARDS CEREMONY 2013 (KEH A). OFA launched the first annual award recognizing the academic distinction of the orphan students and the service excellence extended by caregivers from orphanages in the Greater Cairo Governorates. It celebrated the winners - 5 children from primary and preparatory school and 3 care givers - with an afternoon ceremony that gathered over 50 children and another 150 guests and icons from the field of community service and tourism. In addition to appreciating winners, guests and sponsors, OFA honored friends and entities that gave support throughout the event, including Mrs. Aida El Ayoubi, who contributed with her angelic voice to the ceremony along with the DEO’s musicians ‘Jugend Musiziert’ (The German Evangelical Secondary School in Cairo) and the New Cairo British International School team (NCBIS) whose children helped in fundraising with creativity, proactivitiy and above all with compassion.


beds cloth table1


Under the umbrella of the yearly housekeeping week of Hilton Worldwide Hotels for community service, the housekeeping team of Cairo Ramses Hilton in cooperation with ORPANS’ FRIENDS ASSOCIATION – OFA - visited on 15.09.2012 two orphanages in South Cairo, which OFA is supporting. The housekeeping team (HK) was providing there cleaning experience in bedrooms, public areas, bathrooms and gardens. Beside these demonstrations, the Hotel donated cleaning utensils and complete bed linen for 20 beds in both orphanages. This activity is in line with the Hilton Worldwide companies concept “ Blue Energy”, to encourage passion and commitment among staff members to share in community service.


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This was the first educational workshop, ORPHANS’ FRIENDS ASSOCIATION organized from 30.09. – 02.10.2012 at Cairo Ramses Hilton. OFA presented themselves as serious, responsible and qualified NGO to all orphanages, organizations in the field of orphan care, sponsors and the Ministry of Social Solidarity with their vision and activities. The goal of this event was to invite responsible leaders in the field of orphan care, to build a network, initiate communication, provide scientific international knowledge in the education and social work for parentless and orphan children for all participants, initiating professional discussions and underlining the importance of well educated pedagogical personal.

Out of the 64 participants of this workshop were representatives from 22 NGOs, working in the field of orphan care, governmental representatives of the Ministry of Social Solidarity from Egypt and Germany, senior management from Ahli United Bank and members of OFA. As Lecturer Mr. Georg Horcher, a very well experienced social scientist from Germany was conducting the 3-days workshop in English, with simultaneous translation into Arabic by the well known writer Mrs. Ghada El Wakil. Key points, like educational challenges and concepts, children needs of all age groups, pedagogical guidelines, psychological research, structure of daily life, development of standards and need of qualified personal were presented and discussed. Prof. Dr. Hassan Abou Bakr, Vice president of OFA and Mrs. Mahasin El Bakri, Board members of OFA were both moderating this 3-day workshop. All participants were extremely satisfied with this workshop and are keen, to continue this way of cooperation and communication in the field of educational work with parentless and orphan children


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As continuation of the first workshop, OFA invited the same team for the First workshop for another 1-day workshop on 01.07.2012 to their office in Maadi. This workshop's aim was reviewing the results from the first workshop and developing an action plan for future development of orphanages needs accordingly. The second subject and one of the main pillars of OFA activities were the KARIM EL HUSSEINI AWARDS, which honors yearly the best orphan students of the 3 different school levels, caregivers, and in future year’s additional awards. During a brainstorming session, the suggested criteria for both awards were listed, a jury committee proposed and the participation process agreed.



ORPHANS’ FRIENDS ASSOCIATION invited the managers of all South Cairo orphanages and representatives of the Ministry of Social Solidarity for a 1-day workshop on 20.06.2012 to their office in Maadi. The aim of this workshop was to introduce the NGO’s and institutions working in the field of orphans care to each other and discussing ways of mutual cooperation. The outcome of the 1-day workshop was analyzed and summarized into 6 different fields needed to be developed and will build the base for the following workshops.


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The President and Treasurer of ORPHANS’ FRIENDS ASSOCIATION (OFA) visited 17 orphanages in South Cairo in the period from January to June 2012. Through those visits, OFA team introduced itself as NGO in Cairo, registered under the Ministry of Social Solidarity, aiming to support orphanages in planning, development and daily operation. These visits were a starting point to meeting and knowing each other and exchanging/ discussing experience/ points of views concerning orphanages and the chances of future collaboration and cooperation. Most of the orphanage premises were evaluated to a checklist for existing orphanages in relation to BASIC STANDARDS (BS) FOR ORPHANAGE BUILDINGS AND FACILITIES. Those BS were already outlined by OFA and will be developed as a guideline for new orphanage to be developed and for existing orphanages to be upgraded.