Orphan Friends Association (OFA) was established in Cairo as NGO registered under the Ministry of Social Solidarity # 5962/2005.

The founder members of the association were 15 persons. Since that time the number increased to 80 members. OFA works as an umbrella organization, adopting the development of the field of orphan care in Egypt.

The vision is to achieve real tangible development in the orphanages society, through developing orphanages and care institutions according to scientific quality standards, and introducing several programs that target developing the education and life of orphans, the qualifications and mindset of care givers and service providers and also develop the educational sector of social work in Egypt.

In this regard, Orphans’ Friends Association believes in integrative work and hence works in cooperation with various entities related to the field.
  OFA is run by an elected board of directors:

Chairperson: Mrs. Jutta Dorothea El Husseini
Vice Chairperson: Prof. Dr. Hassan Elbanna Abou Bakr
Treasurer: Prof. Dr. Monir Mohamed El Husseini
Secretary: Youmna Fadel Awny
Member: Dr. Asem Kamal Abdelhamid
Member: Mahasen Mahmoud El Bakry
Member: Omayma Hassan Gamal